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Complete And Comprehensive Computer Repair

We offer comprehensive repairs to our managed clients and assist them from slow-running programs to decoding all those cryptic error messages, the experience and expertise of a Contoured Solutions professional can help resolve just about any computer issue.

Keep Viruses And Malware Where They Belong: Out

Viruses and malware are the results of conscious efforts by hackers all over the world, and the vast majority of them are designed to get access to your personal information and exploit it. At Contoured Solutions, we help remove unwelcome intruders from your systems and keep them safe. From anti-virus software development to intrusion-prevention services, we can custom build you a security infrastructure that keeps the bad guys out and your computer running smoothly.

Data Recovery Options For When Disaster Strikes

While preventative measures are essential, you need to know your options should the worst occur. From time to time, operating systems crash, hard drives can be corrupted and programs can damage your data. You can help ensure data recovery ahead of time with a tailored backup system from Contoured Solutions, designed to keep your data and information safe if the worst happens. Data recovery is never certain, and sometimes even preventative maintenance isn’t enough, but when it occurs, rest assured that Contoured Solutions professionals have the skills and knowledge to make every possible effort to bring your data back… and see that it doesn’t happen again.

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