Network Management

The glue holding your communication infrastructure together

Getting It Right the First Time

A structure is only as strong as its parts. Networks can all too easily devolve into a mess of wires and hardware that lead to a variety of difficult-to-diagnose problems. Setting up your network for years of continued, smooth operation requires more than technical know-how, it requires the experience and foresight of a Contoured Solutions Managed Services professional. We can set up your switches, routers, and other network components for both current and unforeseen future needs.

Keeping Your System Safe

Cyber-crime is a reality, and small and medium-sized businesses are most vulnerable to hackers seeking potentially valuable data. Everything you allow into your network, through websites, email servers and wireless access, are potential holes in your security. Most users don’t even know when their systems are being compromised, and most systems are not equipped to handle an attack. Tailored firewall rules, secure encryption, password policy, and intrusion detection are just a few of the many ways Contoured Solutions Managed Services can make your network safe. Call today for a security consultation.

Keep Your Systems Running Smoothly

Your network is a complex system of hardware and software, and good computer services and maintenance are the key to keeping everything running smoothly. If you’re experiencing random drops in connection, reseting your equipment on a regular basis or just noticing a general slowness in your network, Contoured Solutions can help identify and correct the causes of these issues before they become serious problems. Don’t wait for minor issues to become major ones instead let us be your IT services provider.

Get managed IT services

Enjoy proactive IT support


Our reviews speak for themselves!

Find out what our customers have to say about their services, our customer service bar none with super high standards.

I would recommend contoured solutions for any company looking for IT services. The personal care and attention to your company is worth every cent.

Jerris N


Dave has been my firm’s IT guy for the past 10 years!   He is always available when I need him.  He is definitely the BEST out there.

Eric C.


David Martinez and Contoured Solutions have been our IT guys for 12 years.  As the years went on, I went from having them maintain one server with two computers to multiple  servers with multiple computers.

Steve C


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