3CX Phone System

Power and Flexibility

3CX is an absolute game changer in the Unified Communication System (UCS) industry. It offers all of the advanced enterprise level features at a fraction of the cost.

  • Save up to 80% on monthly PBX fees.
  • No expensive hardware needed. Use existing infrastructure or cloud hosting.
  • Save thousands on calls with your choice of SIP/VoIP provider.
  • Use office extensions on iOS & Android apps for remote work.
  • Empower your team. Keep in touch via video, chat & phone.
  • Plug & play with supported IP phones.


The search for telecommunication service can be daunting. However, the consultants at Contoured Solutions can assist you with choosing services that fit your business needs at competitive rates. We have also partnered with 3CX to offer you an award winning phone system that was designed with small-to-medium sized business in mind. Additionally, we offer telecommunications products that complement and integrate with our other management services.

VoIP Service

Reliable and Cost Effective

Speed, agility, and leanness are guiding principles for companies that need to stay competitive today. And in order to support those principles,
businesses need technology that supports them as well. Compare SIP to traditional phone services and the advantages are clear.

SIP delivers significant savings. Traditional analog circuits are costly because they have to be designed, configured, maintained, and upgraded. SIP trunking provides the same call quality as traditional line, but since it runs over the Internet, it doesn’t require the same level of design and configuration. Plus, the maintenance and upgrades to the network would be necessary whether SIP trunking was being run through them or not.

The infrastructure costs for SIP trunking are also lower because SIP eliminates the need for primary rate interfaces (PRIs), which require enterprises to buy lines in bundles of 23. PRI customers who need 10 lines have to buy a bundle of 23, leaving 13 unused. SIP, however, can be purchased in whatever number of units a business requires.

Long distance, local inbound, and termination services can be included, providing another opportunity to save costs. Plus, SIP trunking delivers cost savings as great as 60% over traditional methods.

Ring Central cloud phone system inside a single app

Do more with your customers and employees across your apps and devices on the world’s leading business cloud phone system. Access work on the go by adding the leading business phone system to your existing devices and apps like Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft. 

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